Hi, I’m Charlotte.

This blog is a space for me to ramble on about whatever is on my mind, and any readers or comments are just a bonus! I have loved writing ever since being tiny, however it is something I seem to have abandoned over the last few years. At the beginning of 2017 I made a promise to myself to do more of what I enjoy, hence why I created this blog.

The things I’m fond of, and that will probably feature in this blog over the next few months, are: interior design, holidays and trips away, mindfulness, anything astronomy related, good books and spending time with the people I love. We have also been renovating a house for over two years now; this is something I am really passionate about and proud of so there are already quite a few posts about this!

I may review some products from time to time, however this blog is based on my personal opinions only and all pictures are my own unless stated otherwise. I am not looking for any sort of gain other than my own enjoyment of rambling on like I always do!

Enjoy reading, and I welcome any comments (good or bad!).