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Beginner Nails…

I have always taken a big interest in hair but I don’t know a lot about beauty or make up at all. I wear make up every day but I tend to just stick to what I know and use the same products regularly without experimenting too much. As for my nails, I have never had them done professionally! My nails naturally get quite long, so I either paint them or cut them short and buy false manicured ones to stick on myself. My nails grow at a scarily fast pace so I have never been able to justify the cost of getting my nails done when they would only last me about a week without looking horrendous.


I wanted to try doing gel nails myself (just on myself, no guinea pigs for now!) but I didn’t know a lot about the process and I didn’t think I’d have the patience for the steps involved. So that’s when I did some research and found the Sensationail Express Gel Deluxe Kit, and it sounded good!

What is express gel?

It’s a gel formula that includes both the gel base coat and top coat. It still requires curing with an LED lamp, but literally all you need is the Sensationail gel polish and the lamp. The curing process should dry the gel in 60 seconds, and the manicure should last for up to 10 days.

My thoughts on Sensationail

Well firstly I’ll say that as I have never had gel nails or done them myself, I don’t really have anything to compare this product to. The kit comes with three colours, the LED lamp and a kit to remove the gel. If you already have a lamp then all you need is a bottle of Sensationail polish. First, I used ‘Peg Egg Bare Nails’ to file, smooth and shine my nails. I absolutely love this product because I always have a lot of glue residue on my nails from using false ones and this gets rid of it immediately and makes them so smooth. I then applied my Sensationail polish and opted for colour ‘Never stop wine-ing’ (very appropriate).  The colour certainly looked very thick, smooth and shiny and was easy to apply.

IMG_3158As I know VERY little about doing my nails, I was a bit shaky and made a mess around my cuticles but I thought ‘oh well, I’ll cure them and piddle it off round the edges afterwards’. Well it turns out that’s impossible to do after curing! I nearly didn’t dare post a picture of my finished nails as I filed them wrong with my Ped Egg and made a mess when applying the colour (no reflection on the product) – but here they are! I personally love the colour as well as the other two blush type shades that my kit came with. I am now 5 days into having the gel on, it is still shiny with no chips so I am quite impressed!  I did re-do a couple of the nails because of how messy they looked and I didn’t smooth the nails with my Ped Egg – this was a mistake and it made the finish all lumpy.


Will I use this again? Yes, most definitely. I love the other colours you can buy too. They don’t look professional by any means (again, not due to the product but due to my skill!) but with a little practice I will get better. So if like me, you want to try doing your own gel nails but without all the stages and cost, or you struggle for time, then Sensationail is a must buy.




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