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Beautiful Greece…

After a fabulous holiday I felt the need to write a post about my favourite destination that is Greece (as mentioned in my previous post A-Z of me!). I have visited different parts a few times but I am desperate to see so much more. Forget big, lavish trips away; if it was up to me I would just pick a different spot in Greece for each year’s holiday, that’s how much I love it. The islands I have visited so far are Corfu, Zante, Crete and Rhodes, and I came back from Halkidiki a few days ago which is part of the mainland. Generally it didn’t seem too different from the islands other than the airport being ages away due to being in the city and having to travel down to the coast.


There are so many reasons as to why I love this holiday destination, the main one being the general atmosphere. It is such a chilled out, relaxed place. You don’t get any pushy people at the doors of the restaurants like you do in the likes of Spain, I have never felt unsafe there, amazing weather is pretty much guaranteed, the scenery is breathtaking, clear waters and skies and it’s a brilliant place for exploring on your own. Each time me and Luke have been we have always rented a quad bike and we drive around for hours finding cute little coves and nice places to eat and drink (which is exactly what we just did on our holiday to Halkidiki).

Looking back now, our last full day in Halkidiki was probably one of the best of my life despite being so simple; just driving along the coast and through the mountains together with hardly any other vehicles on the roads. I said to Luke that when I’m old and looking back on my favourite memories, I know that just being with him in the sun and riding around on the winding Greek roads, wearing my helmet that makes me look like Toad from Mario Kart, will definitely be one of my favourites. It is my ‘happy place’.


The resort that we stayed at in Halkidiki was called Pefkohori. When booking it I was a little worried that it would be too quiet, but how wrong was I! It was so busy in an evening that it was almost like a warm, Greek London! It was heaving with people, and seemed to be the hotspot for a day out or weekend away for the Greeks. For anyone considering staying there I would definitely recommend a trip out through the mountains and into the other little towns such as Hanioti or Skioni. One of my favourite things that we did was drive right down to the bottom of the east peninsula where there was a tiny church that had a really spooky atmosphere.


There are so many places to visit in Greece and I hope I have the opportunity to carry on going in the future. It’s both affordable and beautiful, and the more ‘upmarket’ areas such as Santorini and Mykonos are becoming increasingly popular. I have made a promise to myself that next year we will book somewhere wonderful in Santorini. My favourites are definitely Rhodes and Corfu as in my opinion they are the most beautiful islands (that I’ve seen so far) and me and Luke found the most amazing spots in Corfu. I have written a little bit below about my top three favourite resorts:


1. Pefkos, Rhodes.

Pefkos is my ultimate favourite place so far and I have visited twice. It originated as a small fisherman’s village and has grown into a sizeable holiday resort. The centre is along one main road where all the tavernas and shops are, and a narrower road that leads down to the beach with more tavernas and the best Waffle House ever. The beach is a long stretch of pure sand and is lovely. There is a ‘cat wall’ which is basically where all the locals and visitors leave food in bowls for all the cute cats (great if you love cats but if you don’t, then whoops!). There is also a ‘Rock Bar’ which just plays rock music, has a room full of motorbikes and serves the best cocktails ever on beanbags outside. There are just so many quirky things that I love about the place and the scenery in the surrounding areas is beautiful. It’s busy but not overwhelming, and the people are so friendly.

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2. Arillas, Corfu.

Mine and Luke’s second holiday together was to Arillas and it was the first time we had gone bombing off on a quad bike together so this place holds a special place in my heart and like Pefkos, I have visited twice. However in comparison, it is a tiny, quiet village. There are a handful of bars and restaurants scattered along the beach front, a little bakery and the most beautiful coloured sea. It is a cute, quaint place however renting a quad bike or moped would be ideal to get out and explore which we did (pictures below). There is a lot more going on in the town next door called Sidari, however this has much more of a commercial, lively feel to it.

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3. Lindos, Rhodes.

Lindos is simply stunning. I haven’t seen a lot of it, however we went on a couple of day trips there as it’s next door to Pefkos. The heart of it is a huge castle as photographed below, and it is generally such a beautiful, picturesque place and I am desperate to go back. It is popular as a wedding and honeymoon location, and if I ever get married then it is definitely somewhere that I would consider to have my wedding there with family and close friends.

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* all pictures are my own.


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