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A-Z of me…

I was having a nosy for blog ideas last night and one suggestion was to do an A-Z of the things you love or things that have had a happy impact on you. I thought this was a really cute idea, and although everyone will have a different list it’s a really positive thing to do and a chance to reflect on the little bits of loveliness in your life.

So, here is my A-Z!

A = Alpacas. My favourite animal! They all have individual personalities and I love their happy little faces. I could write a blog post just about alpacas, and my goal in life is to eventually own a little bit of land near where I live now so I can keep a few.

B = Boyfriend. Luke. I genuinely feel exceptionally lucky to have someone like him in my life. He is my bestest friend, he has worked non stop on renovating our house for two years to try and make a perfect family home for us and I am grateful for everything he does for me. We haven’t been without our problems in the past but I feel everything happens for a reason and it’s brought us to the position we’re in now (which is better than ever!). He is funny, kind, patient and I still get that happy, jiggly feeling when he walks through the door.

C = Cats. Chinese food. Catfish and the Bottlemen. There are so many things I can think of for C! Chinese food will always be my favourite food, despite never being very adventurous with my takeaway orders. I could eat it for life if I had to. As for cats, I have always loved cats as I do all animals and I am STILL trying to persuade Luke to let me rescue one but he’s having none of it so far.

D = Although I love cats, I think I love dogs more! My Millie dog is an old girl now and one of my best friends, she makes me so happy every time I see her and I miss living with her but love it when she comes to stay, especially as she gets me outdoors. I can’t wait to get our own family dog a few years down the line if I work part time.

E = Earth. I find our planet absolutely fascinating, as I do anything astronomy or space related. I saw Brian Cox recently on a cosmology talk and everything he spoke about was jaw dropping, even though I didn’t understand half of what he was saying. The earth rotates around the sun at 20 miles per second, how is that not mega mind blowing?

F = Flowers and friends. What a lovely combination! I love having fresh flowers to brighten up the house (despite sneezing constantly), and of course I love my friends and couldn’t be without them.


G = Grandparents. They are no longer in my life but I am the luckiest girl to have the grandparents that I had and I think of them and miss them every single day.

H = Home. I am a huge home bird and I love my creature comforts. We have come a long way with transforming our house, but it feels like we’ve got even further to go at the moment. However, my house makes me feel excited and proud every day and I cannot wait for the end result.

I = I love you. My three favourite words and always will be! These words can never be overused in my opinion.


J = Joey. My favourite character from my favourite ever TV show, Friends! Everyone needs a Joey in their life. A quote that I live by: “Joey doesn’t share fooooood!”.

K = Krispy Kreme. I first discovered these in America when I was little and loved them ever since (mainly the original glazed!). There are no other doughnuts like these on earth. They are rings of pure happiness.

L = Lake District. I love this place; it’s England’s gem in my opinion. We are going back this year on a spa/walking break and I’m super excited for this. I’m even going to purchase walking boots!

M = Mummy and Mep (dad). My best friends and the people I rely upon the most. I have the best mum and dad in the world. Also, milk. I drink warm milk constantly, so much that people think I’m weird (which I am).

N = Nighttime. I love my early nights but there is something so calming and peaceful about nighttime, especially when you’re outside and the whole world has stopped. I don’t do it much anymore, but I used to love reading until the early hours with just a lamp on when everything seems so still.


O = Olives. I love the word ‘olive’ for some weird reason hence why I’ve it included it here and I think it’s a brilliant baby girl name. I also have a fairly new found love for olives! I am the pickiest eater so they’re not something I ever thought I would like but I really, really do. Especially with chilli and garlic.

P = Police. Police risk their lives every day to serve members of the public and remain strong despite all the cuts of recent years. I love the organisation that I work for and I am really proud to be a part of it.

Q = Quotes. I was thinking for aaaages what I could put as my Q; quiz, quorn, queen? Nothing was right but it came to me, quotes! I love quotes, especially the deep ones that at first make you think, huh? I must have spent hours on Pinterest looking at quotes and pinning them to my ‘words of wisdom’ board, looking for that one powerful quote that really connects.

R = Reading. I always have and always will be a bookworm. I can lose myself in a book in a way that I never could by watching TV. Sometimes I feel that words are the most powerful thing in the world which is probably why I love reading and writing so much.


S = Starbucks. I have spent many a lovely afternoon with friends or my sister in this place. Starbucks coffee will always be my favourite coffee and I love their cheese and marmite paninis! I really want them to bring back the banana yogurt frappuccinos.

T = Travel and trips away. I have never been travelling in the sense of going around the world with a backpack, I couldn’t do it but really admire those that can, however I love holidays and it’s something I look forward to the most whether it be in this country or another country. Over the last year and a half I have been to Iceland, the seaside, Gran Canaria, Harrogate, London and this year coming up we have Halkidiki, the Lake District, the seaside again and then Venice. My favourite holiday location will always be Greece; it is so chilled out and the people are so friendly. Me and Luke have had our best holidays here as we usually just rent a quad bike and off we go!

U = University. I lived at home but it was three of the best years of my life for two reasons. 1) because I studied law, I did really well and was very passionate about it. 2) I met some of the nicest people from different backgrounds, and made a couple of friends that I am sure I will keep for life (Hi Laura and Amie, if you’re reading!).

FullSizeRender 2

V = Voldemort. Obviously not everyone’s favourite character for obvious reasons, but I had to mention my love and slight obsession with Harry Potter. The obsession has eased off a little over the past few months, especially as I lost at a Harry Potter quiz and it’s made a bit mardy. I will always love it and I’ve considered getting the deathly hallows symbol tattooed on me so many times! Eek.

W = Winter. I’m indecisive as to whether winter or summer is my favourite season. But, I love everything about winter and the lead up to Christmas; the frost, having the fire on, seeing so much of family… winter is wonderful. Also, WINE.


X, Y and Z = it’s the last three that left me stumped! I so wanted to put yoga for Y, it’s something I’ve briefly tried and desperate to start properly but I just felt like I’d be cheating if I wrote it. As for X and Z, I have no clue and I will have to keep thinking about this one! Thanks for reading x


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