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Spring has Sprung…

“Keep your face towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you” – Walt Whitman

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, mainly because I’ve been quite busy lately and I’ve felt a little uninspired! I’m currently at home as I’ve been rather poorly recently so it’s given me some time to reflect back on the last few weeks (whilst feeling slightly sorry for myself…). The sunshine is coming in through the windows into the bedroom (yep, I’m tucked up in bed) and I’m trying to give myself a little boost by thinking about summer and making the most of it once I’m all better.


I love all seasons. I was a December baby and winter has always been one of my favourites. But, I’ve always loved the lead up to Christmas the most; the fireworks, those first frosty mornings, cosy food, lounging by the fire playing board games, making hot chocolate… Once Christmas is over, I hate the January/February drag. All of the excitement disappears, there’s this huge build up of festive wonderfulness and then suddenly it’s gone and I always have to cheer myself up by booking a summer holiday. The nights remain long and dark, and everything seems slightly more boring and lonely.


Then Spring comes, and that little bit of darkness inside of me disappears. Maybe it’s just winter blues, a bit of anxiety or a tiny bit of SAD possibly (I’ve ALWAYS been a very anxious person), but whatever it is, everything seems happier in Spring. The clocks have gone forwards and the nights are lighter, me and Luke have had little fires on the yard on mild evenings and drinking my morning coffee in the garden is one of the most delightful things ever. The world seems to suddenly change from brown to green and good moods blossom. Every Saturday and Sunday morning the horses have started clip clopping past the house again. The fresh flowers and back in the lounge and dining room. I seem to read more books and there’s less Netflix binging (well, not quite at the minute as I’m obsessed with The Vampire Diaries). The birds are now tweeting throughout the day and we’ve had a couple of sheep-in-the-road incidents. On a Sunday, if it’s a bright morning then me and Luke now have a routine where we always go for a little wander, somewhere within walking distance of our house that we haven’t yet discovered. Jordan takes me out for drives with the roof down again. I generally feel more sociable and motivated. Everything is just so much lighter, brighter and happier.


The sunshine over Easter time allowed me outside into my jungle of a garden; a garden which is just too big to tackle on my own. Sammi has been over to assist with this daunting project (however not a lot of gardening was done, just handstands, messing around and eating pizza). My next project is going to be getting the summer house painted. There’s so many beautiful little changes in Spring that I love, and although I’m sat here feeling a bit miserable, just reminding myself of these things and writing about it perks me up. I cannot wait for summer!



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