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A renovation update…

I thought I would post a little update about the progress of our renovation project. Basically, all I have to report is loads and loads of mess. I am trying my hardest to convince myself that it is ‘progress’ – if I didn’t then I’d curl up in a ball and cry.

We’re still working on the bathroom and have been since New Year. We now have one giant hole in the bathroom floor that goes down to the utility room, which I’ve sleepily nearly fallen down in the middle of the night. We’ve had bricks missing from the walls even on the frostiest nights and have been able to see through the gaps into next door’s garden. It’s been that cold that nearly every morning up until now we’ve been able to see our breath, which has meant that getting out the shower is absolute torture.

Not only have we knocked out the chimney breast right through to downstairs and stripped the bathroom to bare brick (in some places no bricks!), we are even having to replace all the joists so we’re stripping it all back as far as we can possibly go really. It’s definitely the biggest project yet despite a few months ago thinking we would probably keep the bathroom suite and just replace the floor and tiles and give it a lick of paint! In hindsight we probably should have done all of this way before we moved in but oh well. Like everything else we’ve done so far, Luke is doing the whole project himself hence why it takes us so long because he only has some evenings and the weekends to do this. It saves us thousands of pounds but costs us time.

Despite all the mess, freezing cold and lack of privacy (if someone enters the house and you’re on the toilet, there you are in full view), both myself and Luke are feeling quite positive about it all this weekend. I had been feeling really uninspired with the bathroom, and it’s definitely looking the worst it’s ever looked right now, but it’s reaching that stage where it’s getting worse before it’s going to start getting better. We’ve gone bathroom shopping and have a general idea now of what it’s going to look like and I’ve been trying to put together a colour scheme (we’re thinking grey). When the bath and toilet are taken out, we will have to move back to my mum and dad’s for a while as there’s no way I’m using a bucket or the outside toilet in the middle of the night.

As the chimney breast has been knocked out right down to the utility room, we suddenly have a big space that we didn’t have before. It never dawned on us until today when Luke popped his head round the lounge door and said “why don’t we make a small downstairs bathroom coming off the utility room?”, and suddenly we’d got ideas snowballing and we now have another exciting project to add to the never ending list.

As soon as the bathroom is finished, we will move onto the biggest thing that I’ve been waiting nearly two years for and that’s the rendering (coloured coating on the whole outside of a house, we’re going for cream). We’re having to make sure that we get any building work finished inside the house first, otherwise it could crack new render. People actually point and stare when they walk past our house, I even heard one elderly lady say to another “oh dear, it looks like someone is living in it as well”(!) (picture below is of the back) but I’m feeling a little calmer knowing that at some point this year, it will definitely be smooth and cream.


I think we have good days and bad days with a renovation project like this. Today we are feeling positive but some days I feel really down and stressed. When I’m feeling like that, I try to cheer myself up by looking at older photos of the rooms that we have completed so far in their original, horrendous state in comparison to now, and it reassures me that everything will be lovely in time! Or, I do what I did today and buy something I’ll be able to use when everything is complete. I ordered this gorgeous slate house sign for when the rendering is finished. I’ve also got a bay tree to go outside the front, and I’ve even been watching videos of how to pot plants! (I’m not at all green fingered).


Thanks for reading, x



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