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Nights out drinking when you’re a 26 year old Granny…

Since buying a house two years ago, nights out drinking have become a bit of a rareity. The delight of buying a new dress and heels has been replaced with buying cushions and candles for our home. Nothing makes me feel more content than a Saturday night at home snuggled up with a takeaway and some warm milk before bed. I am fully aware of how pathetic and boring I am, and I’m not ashamed either. I can’t believe the extreme transition of age 21/22 to being 26. I honestly feel that I’ve aged about 40 years. I look back and I am amazed at how every weekend I could roll in from a night out drinking at 4am and make it into work 4 hours later, whereas now if I have two glasses of prosecco I feel like I need to be hospitalised the following day. So, when a night out up town was arranged with one of my best friends (hi, Heather) it required some careful planning.


I bought a new dress – well, actually, I bought three new baby pink dresses that looked almost identical and two were sent back because once I tried them on I realised I looked like a little piglet. I booked my spray tan, the darker the better in my opinion. On the Saturday morning, I even went to the shop to prepare myself for the inevitable hangover (crusty bread, plain crisps and coke).

We managed about three hours up town, which is good going for us. Three drinks (for me, a combination of vodka and wine). We decided to bail at about midnight when the going was still good, as we could get a lift at that time rather than a taxi and we predicted that one more drink might send things downhill. Of course, despite only three drinks, the following day was a near write-off. I started to recuperate in the early afternoon so me and Luke went to visit a couple of friends together, but then I started to deteriorate again which led to a Chinese being ordered in the evening. Luke was also suffering from too many beers the night before; I feel it’s always nice when you have another hungover person with you to provide comfort and exchange symptoms with. I like to share the pain.


Mine and Heather’s next plan for a weekend is sophisticated cocktails or a game of Dream Phone (wild). We are fogies now and we cannot cope. See below tips for any other twenty-something year old Grannies like me, including outfit details:

1) Make sure you have a recovery day.
Going to work the following day after a night out? You’re not 18 anymore. It just isn’t doable unless you want to die. Make sure you have a whole Sunday to recover, eat crap and have a Netflix day.

2) Treat yourself to a new outfit.
My pale pink dress was from Boohoo – my favourite website for simple, plain dresses that don’t break the bank. If going on a night out is a rareity, then it’s always nice to treat yourself to a new outfit. Or, it’s a good opportunity to go through your wardrobe for all the things you’ve never actually worn and make use of them! (Technically, still a new outfit). Click on this link for my Boohoo dress.


3) Pamper yourself.
Don’t rush, and give yourself a few hours to pamper yourself and get ready. I went for a spray tan the day before for just £10 at Sunshine in Somercotes, however usually I would use Cocoa Butter Tan and build it up 2-3 days beforehand as it doesn’t streak and smells really nice. As for my make up, I usually go for the same look each time – just adding extra bronzer and false lashes! Make up isn’t really my forte (Contouring, what’s that?), but I mostly use MAC products and if I’m going ‘out out’ then I’ll always use my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.


4) Prepare yourself for the hangover.
If, like me, you suffer terribly with your hangover now that you’ve reached your mid-twenties then it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for it. There’s nothing worse than waking up and craving a McDonald’s coke but you’re still too drunk to drive. As mentioned previously, I bought some tiger bread, sea salted crisps and coke to line my stomach when I woke up. I’m always hungry when I’m hungover and if I don’t eat then I just get worse, and these really helped. I also kept the bin by my bed (just in case), paracetamol and a bottle of water.

5) Just have fun!
Yes, this post is a bit of a joke and I honestly don’t take life seriously enough to have such strict rules for going on a night out. The most important thing is to have some girl time, have fun, get drunk and accept the fact that the next day you’re going to feel like shit (and, promise each other that you’re never doing it again but then you always do a few weeks later).

Charlotte. x


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